Product Label Design vs. Function

Project Spotlight


Aquaox manufactures cleaning solutions to disinfect hard surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals. Aquaox labels needed to be appealing to end-users for retail style resellers, but also needed to include necessary EPA regulated information. The end result, we created two different styles of labels, one for retail and a second for commercial purposes.

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Commercial Labels

The design was made for utility; allowing content to swap easily with flexibility on the length of necessary legal copy. The water beads background image was made the consistent design element which made the labels recognizable. Additionally, color was used to signify the type of cleaner with the lighter/more environmental solutions being a lighter color and tone and the heavy duty solutions tend to be darker in color.

Retail Label Design

These labels are designed to appeal to a retail audience and differ stylistically from the commercial labels. The large 'Q' acts as the logo mark and design element that anchors the minimal gradient background color. Designed to be noticed on the shelf among other labels that attempt to catch attention with buzz-words and ingredients, we chose to go a more subtle route and allow a bit of mystery to exist for the consumer.