Avoid Outdated Brand Guides



PDF brand guides have been the standard way of sharing brand standards. But often, there are small adjustments made overtime as the brand and company evolve. In reality, we have entered many meetings where we spend valuable minutes comparing revision numbers to see who has the most updated version. 

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For larger companies and organizations, we recommend utilizing an online brand guide. For example, ZeroHeight provides a flexible platform with adjustable plans to fit your needs as well as grow with you over time. Whether that may be adding a brand or division, it’s easy to create a separate chapter within your online guide to keep your team organized. 

Benefits of using an online brand guide: 

  • Saves your team time in tracking down the most recent brand guide 
  • Avoid email bounce backs because the PDF is too large for email
  • Easy to share with contractors and vendors 
  • Easy access to download appropriate files (logos,
  • Quick copy options to copy pantone/CMYK numbers to ensure accuracy 
  • No risk of low-resolution files 
  • Can easily be expanded to accommodate new brands or sister companies
  • Quick to navigate 
  • Protect pages with a password 
  • Specify typography with downloadable fonts