Brooklyn Basin Brochure

Project Spotlight

Golden Gate Global

Golden Gate Global is a recognized leader in EB-5 investments. They needed a striking marketing brochure that could be used digitally and in print. The project focuses on an urban development and within the brochure the city, surrounding areas, businesses, and landmarks. Using their supplied logo as a starting point, we created this branding style so there was a seamless design language across this brochure and their current online presence.

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After the English version had been completed and shared within the company, other division territories requested a version in their regional languages. This brochure has now been translated to be available in these languages: 

  • Korean
  • Japanese 
  • Chinese (Simplified) 
  • Chinese (Traditional) 
  • Portuguese 
  • Spanish 
  • Vietnamese 

Understanding that this is an international client, we were able to allow additional breathing room within the brochure that could easily accommodate various languages. In addition, this project expanded once again as a PowerPoint. 

Our team is pleased to see that one brochure led to so much more, we strive to provide aesthetically appealing as well as informative pieces as a tool for your team to grow and be successful.